Speakal Dr Who and Top Gear iPod Speakers Preview



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Speakal is a company that seems to be driven by its passion for intelligent technology and innovative designs. This week they expanded their lineup of advanced docking solutions to include lifelike replicas for the Football, Basketball, and Soccer enthusiast. Each of these powerful 2.1 companions for your iDevice boasts 360 degree sound distribution, a 15W subwoofer, and volume touch controls. Another product, the Speakal MiGolfball, tees up golf enthusiasts with a wireless stereo speaker set that wirelessly plays your favorite music from your Bluetooth device, MP3 player, or PC.

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Damnit... now I must have that TARDIS iPod dock........

Engadget says its coming in April for $130-150, totally doable.

I was just thinking about how I'd like a dock the other day.

Hopefully, it'll have some sort of time-keeping feature...

after all, TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.


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better hope like hell my wife doesn't see this product otherwise im gonna have some lame sounding tradis in my house that we will never ever use

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