Soundbar / Rear Speakers combo options for OPEN PLAN room.



Junior Audioholic
We have a second penthouse in Bangalore, India, where we plan to live for 6 months (November to April) each year. I am planning a Home Cinema system in the lounge and as the room is open plan, a true cabled surround sound system will not be possible. So, I have decided to opt for a Soundbar + 2 wireless rear speakers option and since we agreed to keep the cost down to Under £900 equivalent, have narrowed the choice to three models (we will buy them locally, of course).

1. Sony HT ZF9 with SA Z9R Rear Speakers
2. Yamaha Musiccast 400 with Musiccast 20 Rear Speakers
3. LG SL8YG with SPK8-S Rear Speakers

At the moment I am leaning towards Sony but would like to ask which of those three set-ups (or any other similar within our budget) people here would advise? Thanks.

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