Sony UBP-X800 4K UHD Blu-ray Disc Player @ Target Clearence for $149.99



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I was grocery shopping at Target and saw this player, and had to pick it up. It has HDR-10, but not Dolby Vision.
One of my Sony TVs only has HDR-10.

Best Buy has it for 249 and I have seen them anywhere from 249-299.

HERE IS THE CATCH: IT IS NOT ADVERTISED ON THEIR WEBSITE, IT WAS IN STORE CLEARANCE. My store had 5 of them, brand new retail in the box, full warranty etc.

Listed for $299.99 but in store it was marked clearance. Not sure if it's every store, but if you are looking for a 4K player and don't care about Dolby Vision, this is an incredible deal on a great unit.
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