Sony HT ST5000 Soundbar for movies and music?



Junior Audioholic
As we were getting ready to downsize after retirement and move into a penthouse, I made plans to set-up a Home Cinema system in the lounge. As there was not enough room for a wired surround sound system based on an AV Receiver like I used to have, I decided to plan the Home Cinema based on a soundbar with rear speakers. I originally opted for Samsung HW Q90R, which has a soundbar with 2 rear speakers but when an AV installer came for a survey, he felt that satisfactory placement of rear speakers would not be possible because of the layout of the room. There are intervening doorways, sloping ceilings and built in furniture in the 'rear' of the lounge that make this very awkward.

I therefore changed my order to the Sony HT ST5000 Soundbar, which has no rear speakers, as you all know. The lounge us about 17 x 11 feet and the 'front', where the TV and soundbar will be located in a bespoke cabinet, is fairly proportionate with a low-ish flat ceiling and no obstructions . I am getting this professionally installed but it won't happen for a few more weeks because of essential interior work going on on the flat.

My question to other owners of the ST5000 is their opinion about how the sound effect is with TV and BD movies as well as music. I own hundreds of CDs and will have a Cambridge Audio CXC CD transport (no DAC of its own) plugged in via optical cable into the soundbar.

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