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Sony demonstrated to us the “Sony BD-Live Experience” which we learned from our trip to Sony Studios takes interactive to a new level for enhancing the Blu-ray experience. 2008 saw over 36 million Blu-ray discs sold worldwide - a 300% increase over 2007. With over 10,000 unique weekly visitors going to the Sony BD-Live Portal, and how every disc from June moving forward will have BD-Live as an integral part, it looks like BD-Live is here to stay. Check out the cool interactive features such as interactive chat and quizes that will surely bring a new level of enjoyment to how you watch and interact with your favorite movies in glorious hi definition audio and video.

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I must be getting old. I'm still stuck on the idea that the reason you watch a movie is to, well, watch the movie. All the rest seems like more stuff to use up time I don't have.

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