Sony Announces VPL-VW60 Black Pearl Projector



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It's coming. September 20th. The Black Pearl. No, not the Pirates of the Caribbean movie - the new projector from Sony. I won't talk about the reputed spec of 35,000:1 contrast ratio because as we all know that can only be experienced by a blind man in a black hole, but the predecessor to this, the VPL-VW50, showed exceptional promise and we're confident the updated model will dazzle us at this year's CEDIA in Denver.

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Wohoo! 1080p/24 and great CR. However the 1000 ansi lumens is probably 3-500 ansi lumens after D65K calibration. I wonder what's the spec on The Diamond.


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I'm just wondering how it compares to the JVC DLA-HD1/RS1 as I am seriously considering upgrading my Sanyo...


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I'm really struggling...

On the one hand, I want to upgrade the 50" plasma to a Pioneer 60" model, on the other hand, I want to upgrade the PT-L300U to a new 1080p model. The prices keep dropping on these things and the quality keeps getting better...

I just need to work a few more side jobs and get both!

Wish we knew what the native refresh rate of this projector was or if it operated at dual refresh rates.

1080/24p acceptance is worthless without 24/48/72/etc. native output.


I'm very excited about looks like they increased the brightness a bit with this model. Anyone know if the HDMI 1.3 guarantees this supports deep color or not? I also like the fact they're lowering the price of this compared with the previous model...good call Sony!

I keep reading comparisons of the Pear vs. JVC so I'm hoping that this annual refresh/tweak brings Sony to the top of the budget heap.
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