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Hi All -

I was hoping you could help me with my Dolby Atmos setup. I am having trouble with the pass-through devices.

Samsung TV (Model: UN55MU6290F)
Sonos Arc Sound Bar
Xbox One

I connected the Arc to the HDMI ARC port on my Samsung TV and downloaded Dolby Access app on my Xbox One. I get the following error message when I try to change the Bitstream Format "Your receiver doesn't support Dolby Atmos for home theater". I know Sonos Arc has Dolby Atmos functionality but for some reason, it ends up with this error message. Below are the changes I made but can't get Bitstream Format to move from Dolby Digital. The error message number I get is 0x80bd0038, I called Sonos Support and they couldn't help me solve the issue.

Audio Setup
HDMI Audio: Bitstream Out
Optical Audio: Off
Bitstream Format: Dolby Digital

Thank you for your help!


Audioholic General
If the XBOX is connected to the TV and then audio is sent out from the TV to the Sonos Arc, you will not be able to output an atmos stream as that Samsung TV does not support atmos. It will output DD+ at best with no atmos metadata. I believe your soundbar has but one HDMI input so you may be stuck. I also don’t think the XBOX has more than one HDMI output so another one on the Sonos would not matter. Perhaps an AVR and speakers for the new year?
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