So much for the Marantz pm6004..HK kicks it

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    Well just brought home the HK3490 to test against the Marantz PM6004..
    The HK kicks the Sh$t out of the Marantz. IMHO. I just couldn't get the sound out of the Klipsch RF82's. They were just to sharp sounding and I always had to turn it down. I just wasn't happy with the Marantz.
    At $277.00...I purchased through Amazon.. I took a chance. Hooked everything up and compared all types of music side by side. The HK is warm, clear, amazing. CD player is still the Marantz CD6004
    What the heck. A 277 dollar rec sounds way better than the 599 Marantz...
    The quality of the build is much better on the Marantz and this is what you pay for...I think I am set for a while. I was returning the Marantz for the PM8004. Now I think I may just get a refund...Just amazing sound out of a very cheap receiver...Wow. Klipsch sound good now..

    Wish Harmon made a Integrated Amp that was built to the same Quality as a marantz..Love the Harmon sound..
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    I think I see why, the HK has 120 watts X2. The Marantz is 45 watts X2. The HK does not have to work so hard to push your Klipsch. A Eq might have been a help to the Marantz, no mid tone control.
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