So I’m pretty new here and need some advice on pretty much everything



So currently I’ve got a pair of def tech 80/80 towers and matching 80/80 center. I have an Onkyo 9.2 receiver. I’m honestly not very happy with the Onkyo. It’s not very user friendly. But I upgraded my tv and got the LG C9. But I’m wanting to know what steps I should take to get a updated completed surround system. So I’m look at adding speakers, replacing my receiver. Speaker wire if need be. I just need someone to kinda take me under there wing and help me out.


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What makes the Onkyo not user friendly aside from the nature of the beast being a somewhat involved and complex machine with many functions? Did you RTFM? :) It really does help. Post up some specific questions. Doubt you need to replace the avr, but adding sub(s) and speakers would be a start for making it into a surround system.

For speaker wire try here for all kinds of good info on speaker wire

Audioholics has plenty of articles under the AV Research tab, too.

Welcome aboard in any case....


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So currently I’ve got a pair of def tech 80/80 towers and matching 80/80 center.
Sounds like you needs some Def Tech Surrounds. I would get a Subwoofer from SVS or Power Sound Audio.





If you have a 9 channel Onkyo that is 4K capable, that’s going to be the last thing you need to replace. If you’re new to HT these new receivers can be overwhelming but you’re not going to find anything where you won’t have some work to do. All the features are there for a reason, you are going to need to do a little research on your specific model to walk you through setup, although there should be some sort of handholding program you can run to set things up and research tweaks from there.


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If you think the Onkyo is not very user friendly, I have some bad news for you, it's not really any worse than any other AVR. You should just go through the quick start guide to get acquainted with it.


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I always recommend Monoprice for wires and cables:
Monoprice Choice for speaker cable, or Access (iirc) for in-wall
Monoprice Certified Premium HDMI Cables
Monoprice High Quality Subwoofer Cable
If you want Banana Plugs, buy their Affinity Bananas in straight or 90º plugs.
Nothing against Blue Jeans... just their cost is high compared to Monoprice, and none of my Monoprice cables and wires have caused me any difficulty. They conduct electricity well and work great. :D

AV gear is complicated by nature, and you need to learn how to use it. I concur with my friends above that urge you to learn your Onkyo, RTFM, and you are good to go. Once you learn the basics, you really don't need to worry about anything else unless you choose to become more adept at using the technology to greater effect.

There are better speakers out there than DT, but if you like what you have, no reason to reinvent the wheel. You can do an easy google search on Dolby 5.1 and 7.1 setup and see where to best place your speakers. Doesn't have to be perfect... it seldom is, but get as close as comfortably possible to their recommendations and let room correction do the rest.

Subwoofer is important. SVS, Monoprice Monolith, Hsu, Outlaw, Rythmik... these are all recognized as good brands of ID Subs. Any of these would likely make you a happy sub owner. :D

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