Small speakers and sub design (DIY)



Hi everybody,
I've been planning to upgrade my system for some time, but quite a lot of questions about it.
It's going to be somewhat compromised, but I'd like to get the best possible results from it.
The AVR is a recent addition to the system and that's supposed to remain. Its a Cambridge Azure 351r (5x50w or 2x75w limited sub DSP capabilities)
Diffusers: JBL SCS175 4 small 2Ways plus centre and sub.

I'd like to rebuild the diffusers (cabinets and crossover all hand made) ... All of them, I'd start with the sub, then front and then centre and surround.
But I'd also like to plan it all before starting so to build a system that plays well together.

Listening habits: 50% movies 50% rock.
Current output volume more than enough! But lacking punch and clearness.

Room size: 4.17m x 3.55m 2.4m ceiling.

Restrictions: diffusers will have to be small (25/30cm tall max) and fit in the corners... Negotiating a better position closer to TV, but cannot put them on stands and will have to stay pretty high up on the wall. Not ideal, but wife and kid factors don't allow for a better placement.
Sub up to 2.5 cuft a few possible positions.

Budget: 100£ per driver? less for tweeters, 200£ sub... Amp and dsp if necessary the end is a DIY project, if it cost more takes longer and when it end another one starts...

How would you configure the system?
I'm expecting the satellites being on the small side will not go very deep... What should I aim for? If I understand correctly they will be cut at 100hz by the AVR anyway but there are ways around it. In this case could a bigger sealed midbass work?

Sub? I like the sealed sub, but also a ported or TL would be good if it would integrate better...

Let me know you opinion! How would you configure it?

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