SIMGOT EA500, The best IEM under 80$

Ahmed Sifat

Ahmed Sifat


-2 different tunings with well execution
-Price is budget friendly
-Sufficient Bass
-Clear Sound
-Plug and play
-Balanced Sound
-Light weight

  • Mirror finished faceplate got Scratched
  • Treble
  • Soundstage is Average
The Simgot ea500 is the new iem recently released by the simgot brand adopts a 10mm dual-magnetic-circuit and dual-cavity driver. Different from the two single magnetic circuit forms of “internal magnetic” or “external magnetic” commonly used in dynamic headphones, the dual-magnetic-circuit system of EA500 provides both internal and external magnetic circuits.Combined with the N52 magnet, this driver presents a powerful magnetic field and amazing performance. The dynamic range and transient capability have been greatly improved, providing a wider bandwidth range and lower distortion which gives the EA500 a stunning dynamic and sense of presence

The Diamond Like Carbon composite diaphragm of EA500 incorporates 3 kinds of different materials, which are used to build different parts. DLC is characterized by strong rigidity, high damping, and light-weight, and is used as a dome that determines the characteristics of treble.

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10mm Dual-Magnetic Circuit & Dual-Cavity Dynamic Driver Unit.
4th-Generation DLC Composite Diaphragm.
Dual Tuning & Dual Frequency Response Curve.
Detachable Nozzle Design.
High-Density Metallic Cavity Design.
Mirror-Plating Process.
Detachable 2-pin Cable Design.
High-Purity Silver-Plated OFC Cable.
Termination Plug:-
Driver: 10mm Dual-Magnetic-Circuit & Dual-Cavity Structure.
Impedance: 16Ω±15%.
Connectors: 0.78mm 2-pin.
Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.
Sensitivity: 123dB/Vrms(Red Ring), 124dB/Vrms(Black Ring)
Packaging | Build Quality

Packaging was good enough . They provided all the needed things with the iem, extra nozzles for different sound signature, ring, 3 pairs eartips , handy carrying pouch and high purity silver plated OFC
with 0.78mm 2 pin connector.
The box of simgot ea500 provides a good vibe of a planet with eternal sky.

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The build quality of the shell was mirror finished. Now a days i saw many iem producers are trying to provide a mirror finished shiny faceplate which looks fabulous but got scratched easily. Same is happened with the simgot ea500
A screw is holding the two parts of the aluminium shell. The logo looks so premium as so the ea500 which is engraved on the side the ea500. There are two vent on inner part of the iem .

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The weight of earpieces are well distributed and i was not feeling heavy on my ear while wearing them. i used the smaller sized eartip that was okay for me and isolation was alright

Now it is the time to talk about the important part a earphone.

Simgot tried to play fair and seek attention to all by providing 2 types of detachable nozzle
I have used both the nozzle ,Red silicon ring was based on the universal tuning Herman curve which is the “jack of all trades”. But to me the black nozzle was more preferable.

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It was their own tuning which was similar to their other iem ea2000. They used a filter foam on the black nozzle.Instrument Separation was good,clear although they were playing coherently, balanced
Sibilance was present in the treble, Resolution was high so i was getting detailed sound.
Vocal was recessed on the red nozzle but was slightly forwarded and articulated on the black nozzle.

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Bass was good but its speed was quick and fast.
I saw a comment that one modded them by covering up the vent next to the nozzle with a bandaid and the bass became more emphasized. Lol a cheap and effective way to increase the bass although there are enough by default
Bass strings’ sound was good on the red nozzle , one the piano sound was playing well on the black ring nozzle with the filter inside it.

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The EDM song sound was soothing on the red nozzle. But for the female voice black nozzle was more perfect. Other things were similar on both the nozzle.

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I am confident that i will definitely buy this when there is a bidget issue and only have 80 bucks budget in hands. Also it is providing a option to change the nozzle. Changing the foam inside the nozzle can also create another signature . So it is a great iem to experiment with.

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