should i keep or should i throw?



<font color='#000000'>Hi guys, I am still novice in hifi but moving on...
About 1.5 years ago I bought a pair of Kef 3.2's and a Kenwood DPFJ3030 and was planning to get a decent Yamaha
HT receiver, but couldn't finance and had to buy a Kenwood KRF-V 5050 instead and spent the rest of available funds on a pair of wharfedale modus cubes and a Kef cresta center. I was happy with the sound in my previous flat, my living room was 18 to 13. Now i am living in a house which has a much larger room with carpets and thin curtains and the sound started to feel dull...My main concern is music rather than HT actually and I am now in a position to squeeze myself for a better receiver, but is it going to be worth replacing the Kenwood do you think? (I may have something like £350 by the way, which would still not buy a top of the range unit)Thx!</font>

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