Sennheiser RS 165 RF Wireless Headphone - convert to bluetooth



I still like my Sennheiser RS 165 RF Wireless Headphones, but my new TV does not have a red/white 1/4" RCA audio out nor a 1/8" audio out.

The TV of course has wifi - blue tooth, and I really don't want to just buy another set of headphones.

I am looking for a bluetooth receiver that would stay plugged in to a power source, that has a 1/8" stereo mini jack, so that I can use that paired with my TV to send an audio signal to my headphones, which only have the 1/8" mini jack on the charging stand.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Seriously, I have no life.
You sure the tv has a bluetooth transmitter, tho? Or just receiver? What tv is it? No other audio output options you couldn't use an adapter for?

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