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It's been about 16 years now since I put together my Home Theatre. Since it works, looks, and sounds great, I've been very content with it. In fact the only thing I've replaced is a 35 inch CRT and a VHS deck with a newer flat screen HD TV and BluRay player. For integration of iTunes I recently purchased an AirPort Express to stream from computer to HT. And I also purchased a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD for a few more functions than are available from AirPort Express. At any rate, I've been so satisfied with the picture, and sound from my Home Theatre that the only improvement I've even contemplated has been perhaps a 4k TV and a 4k disc player when such players come to market.
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Congrats on a system you still love after 16 years! I am going on 16 years with my front sound stage MB Quarts QLS series. Nothing like a well planned purchase you still enjoy.

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