Samsung Harmon Kardon HW-N950 Arc connection not working



My Dad bought the 'Samsung Harmon Kardon HW-N950' sound bar and moved to Bulgaria with it. (makes it a bit more difficult if it needs repaired)

I went to visit and when i arrived the first thing he wanted me to do was set up the sound bar, maybe that's why he wanted me to come :rolleyes:

I noticed the Arc connection was not working, so I tried setting up his TV, apple tv and blu-ray with HDMI , but with this set up it was not possible to get Atmos to work.

So I tried connecting his Blu-ray player and used DIN which works for Atmos! and it works with Netflix App on the player.

My questions:

1. What is Arc? how is it different from HDMI ?
2. What ways can he get Atmos to work without Arc?
3. how difficult would it be to remove the arc connector and solder a new one? does it require a microscope?

thanks for your help

Kind Regards


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