Rick Beato dissects some classics in his "What makes this song great" series!



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I am loving this series!
These seem to be geared toward musicians (I marginally qualify, but certainly don't follow his discussions of chord progressions very well), but I think if he is talking about one of your favorite songs, you will learn something really interesting about how it was put together, and have fun along the way!
It seems like he got the tapes with the tracks or maybe there are ways to separate the tracks! Let me know if you know!
I don't know who this guys is. He is in Atlanta and seems to have some studio time in his past. His guitar and amp collection behind him is over the top!
I tried to link a few popular groups here, but if none of these are your cup of tea, just Google "Rick Beato what makes this song great [the name of your favorite band]" and see if he has done one of your favorite songs!

Yes! Worth watching the first minute to hear the list of classics that were on the charts when "Roundabout" topped the charts!
Tool! Enjoy @Pogre !
Rush! @TheWarrior !
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I'm very familiar with Rick Beato's videos! I've already seen all of the TOOL related ones, lol.

I don't know where he came from (well, Atlanta obviously :p), but he made it on my radar last year and he's very prolific. I think I even posted one or two from this series here a while back.

He has a deep passion for music and is an avid student/instructor based on what I see in his videos. He has a ton of really good content where he breaks down songs, solos and pretty much any aspect of music you can think of. Just search a little and you're almost guaranteed to find something you know or love that he breaks down and explains.
William Lemmerhirt

William Lemmerhirt

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Yeah man, been watching Rick for a long time. He had a fun video of his first 58 years. Pretty cool. Love the the WMTSG series. Even if it’s a song you don’t necessarily like, you should come away with a new appreciation at least. My only complaint is they’re too short...lol


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This is awesome, thank you! Sorry for the late response, just haven't had time to dedicate to these. I'll be watching throughout today... probably jamming along for some parts, yeah, good stuff! Thanks!


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Alright so I've listened to a number of these and some of his music theory related videos. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing, and introducing me to this guy. I've been doing well studying language this year, but have let my music slide... time to fix that!

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