REW software question for vintage system.



I would like to get some software to check room acoustics for a vintage system. I see in thee REW demo that it uses an HDMI output to send the sweep tones to the receiver. Is there an option to use the headphone output of the PC to send an analog signal to the receiver? I am thinking of a 1/8 cable out of the laptop coupled to and RCA input at the receiver. Is this possible?


Audioholic Samurai
Can't you use the USB-C output of the phone to a DAC? Do you not have any digital input to your 'vintage receiver'?

If not, you can indeed use a 3.5mm (1/8") analog to RCA cord. They're cheap.

I did use that from my PC direct to an analog RCA input on my new Luxman L-505uX Mark 2 integrated amp. Of course I can't do any correction without adding a DSP into the mix, but it still enabled me to adjust my subwoofer and see the differences. Now I have a separate DAC and could input to that.

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