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It's been 2 years and 10 months since I posted my initial thoughts about the OPPO-205. I purchased it specifically to enjoy multi-channel SACD via analog output to a then 17 year old non-HDMI Sony TA-P9000ES Multi-Channel Preamplifier. My initial impressions have been somewhat tempered since my purchase since discovery and exploration of the unit's other means to deliver digital music have now been engaged. The first revelation, Network play is not multi-channel, is not gapless, and re-arranges album songs to alphabetical order, not good for enjoyment of The Firebird. Second, and most recent discovery, is the stereo only usb B input sends the digital stream directly to the DAC and thus the analog output is only sent to front left and right channels. What this means is mains get no subwoofer support. That's a big disappointment, since I want to hear and feel the bass from dance music in my iTunes Library. Good thing I can enjoy iTunes via an Airport Express connected the OPPO's optical input which does deliver managed bass to my sub.

Now, the highlights, although I purchased the OPPO for multi-channel SACD pleasure, getting 5.1 SACDs in genres of music I want has been a struggle. This makes the OPPO's (3) usb thumb drive inputs very, very compelling, since it permits me to play hi-res multi-channel FLAC downloads in music genres of interest, now stocked at Acoustic Sounds. It's not convenient, about 16 actions of clicking and button pushing before I hear sound coming out of my speakers; yet, this means to multi-channel and the high quality recordings from performers like the Seattle Symphony have brought me ecstasy like I've never experienced.

At any rate, I have also enjoyed movies via the OPPO and one has thrilled me over and over. It's Polar Express. The scene where the Steam Locomotive arrives on the disbeliever kid's street sounds just like the Steam Locomotives I remember on the tracks about 50 yards from where I lived as a child. So far, my only experience with movies has come from DVD, BD, and UBD discs. I temporally connected my laptop to the OPPO via HDMI and toyed with multi-channel FLAC music played from Foobar 2000, as well as a movie in iTunes but, a pattern of sound dropouts suggested I did not have settings on computer, iTunes, or Foobar setup correctly; and, I've gotta tell ya, I just did not want to get into it, since I'm geekless. In other words, to enjoy HDMI input pleasures I'm going to need some step by step instructions, or someone knowledgeable to come over to my home to hook things up for me. My point here is I wish the OPPO's Operation Manual had some instruction on this input.

OK, that's it. Was the OPPO worth $1300? No doubt about it and the ones today on eBay still seem to me to be good value for anyone who needs or wants 5.1 analog output from a Universal Player performing the DAC function using highly rated DACs.
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