Researchers get MPAA/RIAA to bust a Printer for P2P File Sharing



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After receiving over 200 inadvertent complaints and DMCA takedown notices while studying BitTorrent traffic in 2007, researchers at the University of Washington decided to evaluate the accuracy and effectiveness of monitoring agents employed by copyright stakeholders. What they found was not a particularly encouraging state of justice. So, with all the possible sources of error, why are content providers and their watchdogs relying on unreliable methods? To cut costs.

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I hate people .... I'm aware that it's not really a thought-provoking phrase but it does get to the point.

-- I don't like people trying to "steal" something that they never bought.

-- I esp. don't like people saying they KNOW you infringed when they don't actually try to download something.

Honestly the whole thing is starting to make me sick. The funny thing is I'm all for people protecting their IP. I'm also all for people doing whatever they want with what they buy legally. There's always people && companies that spoil things for the rest of us ....


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Good read. It just goes to show how jacked up they are. It's too bad they get away with it.

I think I will go to the Mall this afternoon and accuse every teenager there with shoplifting. Maybe the MPAA/RIAA will see this and try to recruit me into their business.

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