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Hey guys, about the projector lamps, my Friends, my Brother and myself order from them. They're the same as the factory, but no stamp on them. You will not regret buying from them.

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I usually go through Projectorquest. I find their prices to be reasonable and I like how they include multiple different versions of the lamp based on the quality of the bulb at different price points all on one page. Looks like the H78DC3 is $101 for a compatible, $173 for an Osram bulb, and $179 for a Philips bulb.
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bumping this thread as its been a few years. Anyone have a reputable go-to for lamps other than direct from manufacturer?
Alfred Prill

Alfred Prill

I've finally found a great source for replacement projector lamps that's CHEAP!

I've been trying for the past few years to find a source for just the bulbs, not the entire assemblies. I've always thought is was ridiculous to spend $400 to $600 on a lamp when I rarely get more than 1,000 out of a lamp in calibration. Especially when most of the actual lamps are made buy Osram/Philips and have the stock number printed on the side of the lamp.

Well, I finally found my Mecca of projector lamps.

My current projector is an Optoma H78DC3. The replacement lamp assemblies run abour $370 plus shipping from any of the discount on-line sources. It runs about $400 from Optoma.

Interlight has the replacement bulb for just $199.50 :eek:

Most lamp assemblies will come apart with just a few screws. You just have to make sure you do not touch the new bulb ANYWHERE with your fingers. The slight amount of oils from your fingerprint can cause a lamp to explode. Wear disposable glove and wipe down the exterior of the new lamp glass reflector with 90% isopropyl alcohol to be safe. DO NOT TOUCH THE INSIDE OF THE REFLECTOR GLASS OR THE LIGHT STUCTURE INSIDE!

At these prices I won't think twice about throwing away a lamp because it won't calibrate properly. And it should only take a few minutes to replace a bulb in the assembly.

I received my lamp yesterday via 2nd Day Air for just an additional $24 to Florida. Installed last night and will preform a full calibration over the weekend. Now that I know the comapny is legit. I'm going to order a spare bulb next week.
Thanks, any time I consider a new projector buy I research lamp costs. This site is a bonus.


I have tested quite a few alternative JVC lamps, and can 100% sure say its impossible to get one of those that performs like the original ones, sadly, often the alternative USHIO lamps give 20% less light than the original, and drops off light output much faster, last one was changed at 150 hours as it reached minimum light for calibrating the projector to my screen.

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