Reference level for speakers and REW



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Hi I’m doing basic calibration for my speakers and subs! I was wondering used a spl meter for level before and I turned my main volume on my receiver to 0 dB to measure everything. I’m using REW this time around and it wants me to turn my main volume up until my speakers hit 75db? I ran ypao to do the basic eq cause I don’t have a mini dsp or anything and set all my speaker to 0.0 after the ypao set up so I can level everything out to fit my room. I was wondering is there a difference between using 0 dB reference compared to just turning the amp up until it hits 75db. Does that mess with the volume when you watch and listen to movies and music? Also what volume does everyone listen to their content at? I usually have mine at -15db or -20db no higher?


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As I understand it, the AVRs calibrate to 75dB usually. (With 0dB being that, as reference level in home)
I listen anywhere from -21.5 (waf) to -10 for Music. For HT, it’s around 18.5 (waf) to -5.


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Well, yes, there may be difference.
When you calibrate, you need to do it with a known signal input level before setting the master volume.
A receiver's test tone is at -30 dBFS(full scale). So, when you set your master volume unless the receiver does that automatically, the volume
you set each channel to is 75 dB SPL.
-30 was selected for homes because of loudness while level balancing the channels.
Theaters use -20 dBFS and 85 dBSPL as it is much more dampened and a larger volume so 85 dB may not be that bad.

So, if you just run up the volume to get 75 dB, it may not be the correct known level.

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