Looking for Bluetooth headsets for home and for hearing music. But something really high quality that I've had enough of spending money on junk, I'm terribly strict about the quality of playback and if I'm out of place even a little I suffer and I do not feel like hearing anymore. I hear mostly rap music (so it's important that I have clean bass that if you increase the music it does not reduce the quality) but also have the other types of music, because there are good headsets for rap, but the moment that goes to the rock is terrible. I thought to buy the Sony WH-1000XM2 Bluetooth Bluetooth What do you say?


Audioholic Field Marshall
You dont say budget but I would look for Sennheiser HD1 if you want good wireless cans.


Audioholic Chief
The Sennheiser HD1s are excellent. I'm listening to them now as I write this. Although the sound quality is very good, they are not great at noise cancelling. I've had better headphones when it comes to noise cancelling. The battery life is very good. It does make a difference though when the source does aptx as opposed to relying on sbc.

Also Sennheiser sells open box and refurbished through Blinq at a good discount. The HD1s run around $400 but you can buy an open box at $240. That's how I bought mine.


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