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I am looking for Screen either 120' or 130'

I will have 7.2.4 set up for dedicated media room, no windows, (15' x 19') with Revel speakers

Front 3 R/L/C - Revel W990 x 3

Atmos Ceiling x 4 - Revel C583

Surround x4 - Revel W383

Sony Projector VPL -VW295ES

Any recommendations with Labor Day Sale? Or should I wait for Thanks Giving for better pricing?


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Projectors and screens rarely have much in the way of spectacular savings and sales rarely kick in full gear.

If the room you are in is not just one with no windows, but actually has dark paint on the walls and ceiling with dark carpet, which can greatly benefit from a top tier screen, then considering a DaLite screen with the HD Progressive material may be a long term investment worth your time.

There is a cost associated with them, that is beyond some people's budget, and the jump in quality I'm not sure is worth it for most people.

In reality, in a proper room, most people are extremely happy with what Silver Ticket screens deliver.

Available in 120" and 135" diagonals (and other sizes), for the money, it is hard to beat.

If you need to go acoustically transparent, Silver Ticket is decent, but I would turn towards SeymourAV.


The HD Progressive screens from Legrand as suggested by BMXTRIX is a great suggestion. They are quantified to resolve up to 16k, so you are future-proofed for any potential upgrade going forward.

While many people may be happy with their Silver Ticket; you will not get the full resolution from your Sony 295 due to the textured nature of the Silver Ticket surfaces.

You will want to ensure that you get a textureless/micro textured surface so not to distort the geometry of the pixel grid from a 4k projector or else you will not have as sharp of an image as the projector is capable of producing

Stewart's CIMA line w/ the Neve Surface is a really economical and fantastic option and comes in 123" and 135" options and will cost less than the comparable HD Progressive options from Legrand; however they are only quantified to resolve up to 8k (vs the 16k+ from the StudioTek and other more premium Stewart surfaces)

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