Real or fake? Shure SE535LTD



Hello, I'm sorry for taking your time here, but I recently bought an used pair of Shure's SE535 and they arrived today. It's my first branded cans and I was expecting something that would blow me away, but it didn't happen. So I Google'd some pictures of this earphone to compare with the one I got and I was surprised to see some differences.

Below are the pictures I took with my smartphone (sorry, but I don't have a nice camera):

The picture below is from Google and shows a real SE535:

In the original one, near the Shure's logo 'E' there's kinda gap that's easily seen. In my earphone it's upper and is very small when compared to. I bought on eBay from a guy in Macedonia for 299USD. Does someone knows if my earphones can possibly be fake? I'd appreciate any help and I'm not an audiophile, nor I have another earphone to compare it to and determine its quality for listening. Thank you and sorry for bad english!


Audioholic Field Marshall
It does look different. From here you most likely only get guesses. If you want to be sure I would directly contact Shure and ask them to help you identify your pair. They most likely want to help with this as I doubt it they like it there is fakes around if that is the case.


Audioholic Slumlord
$300 for used earbuds from Macedonia?

That begs 3 questions. Why, why and WHY?

Seems like if you had $300, you could have like 10 pairs of new earbuds from a store for comparison.

But if used earbuds is your thing, the world is your oyster.

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