Real or fake? Shure SE535LTD



Hello, I'm sorry for taking your time here, but I recently bought an used pair of Shure's SE535 and they arrived today. It's my first branded cans and I was expecting something that would blow me away, but it didn't happen. So I Google'd some pictures of this earphone to compare with the one I got and I was surprised to see some differences.

Below are the pictures I took with my smartphone (sorry, but I don't have a nice camera):

The picture below is from Google and shows a real SE535:

In the original one, near the Shure's logo 'E' there's kinda gap that's easily seen. In my earphone it's upper and is very small when compared to. I bought on eBay from a guy in Macedonia for 299USD. Does someone knows if my earphones can possibly be fake? I'd appreciate any help and I'm not an audiophile, nor I have another earphone to compare it to and determine its quality for listening. Thank you and sorry for bad english!


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It does look different. From here you most likely only get guesses. If you want to be sure I would directly contact Shure and ask them to help you identify your pair. They most likely want to help with this as I doubt it they like it there is fakes around if that is the case.


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$300 for used earbuds from Macedonia?

That begs 3 questions. Why, why and WHY?

Seems like if you had $300, you could have like 10 pairs of new earbuds from a store for comparison.

But if used earbuds is your thing, the world is your oyster.

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