RBH having huge B-stock sales



I think this may be a permanent thing for RBH. They have drivers, cabinets both finished and unfinished, complete systems, external and internal sub amps, grills and everything in between. This is a real thing here folks. I put a beautiful SX-T1/R together for well over 75% off. I also added a SA-400 to my existing one. Bought three new 661 cabinets to freshen up my old 770. I also added two more 10” reference woofers for so cheap, two 10” sub cabinets to house the woofers taken out of my 1010 upgrades. Wahoo

run, don’t walk

Contact Duane at factoryoutlet@rbhsound.com for inventory and what not. I don’t think they have a phone up there yet.


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I think rbh.com is a law firm - rbhsound.com ?

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I have to agree. I bought (2) SX-10/R subs and (4) 441-SE's in black. The 441's came with reference bass drivers. Got a really good deal, I think. I matched these with my T2 and T1 fronts along with (4) SI-615's for Atmos for my new theater. Almost wish I did not have the T2/T1 setup so I could get a great deal on the newer models. Only problem is not being able to get any SE-1010's these days.

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