Question on my center channel


Kyle Braunlich

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I have for a front setup, 3 definitive technology sm55 bookshelf speakers (lcr). Is there a better definitve technology speaker to use?
Edit - for a center channel
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For an LCR? probably not for those front left/right speakers. I would consider Deftech's standard center speakers a downgrade.


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Agree with Shady. An identical bookshelf is about as good as it gets for timbre matching a center. If you want to bump up your center you should really match all 3 up front.

If you like your SM55s and feeling an upgrade itch the SM65s are pretty nice speakers and you might be able to find them at a discount since DefTech launched a new line. Three SM65s would make a nice front stage and you could move the 55s back for surround duty.

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