Question about Sony HT A7000 / Sony SA SW5 / Sony SA RS5



I bought Sony HT A7000 / Sony SA SW5 / Sony SA RS5 as a new sound setup for my TV. Unfortunately, I have a connection problem. Perhaps someone from the forum can help me with this. I also use a 65X95L Sony Bravia TV. Everything worked well during the initial setup with the connection of the two rear speakers and the subwoofer. But as soon as the TV and the system are switched off for 2-3 hours. And then I switch the TV on again with the remote control, the soundbar switches on, but the two rear speakers and the subwoofer remain in standby or off. Only the indicator light lights up in red. When I press the power button on the rear speakers or the subwoofer, nothing happens and no connection to the soundbar is established. My only option to reconnect the speakers is to reset the soundbar completely and disconnect the power once. When I then restart the soundbar, the rear speakers and the subwoofer are found directly. Does anyone here perhaps have the same system and can help me? I'm really getting desperate now and can't find anything in the options that could help me.

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