Qobuz in Canada April 19th, 2023



Audioholic Slumlord
Thanks, I am doing the trial now, so far so good. It is much better than Tidal imo.


Audioholic Ninja
I’ve tried many services. For quality, Qobuz just kinda’ rules. Lossless, hi-res, it all just sounds good.

Pat D

I got an Audioengine B1 Multiroom Music Streamer so I could stream Hi Res music through my two channel system. I control it with my smartphone.

Its about 1/4 of the cost of the very convenient Audality unit Gene dealt with on YT but it seems to perform very well.

I tried Spotify but quickly found out it was not CD quality. I happened to be listening to Beethoven's Ghost and Archduke Violin Sonatas with Jeno Jando and Takako Nishizaki (excellent, BTW), and the quality on Spotify quality was pleasant enough, sweet, but the balance was wrong and not like the CD. I also tried a number of other CDs to see how Spotify did on them. Pleasant but not nearly as good.

I tried Tidal and Quobuz, which did fine on recordings I already had on CD. I have gone with Qobuz, because I found the selections better for some music, not classical (Edith Butler and Angele Arsenault!), but Tidal sounds great, too.

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