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If it were me I would drag those idiots on for as long as I can. Then come out and tell them it was all a lie to see how much nonsense people would believe.

I feel like it's the same for the flat earth guy. A blatant internet troll dumb people took seriously. Now it's too big to back out. Same with Q, but it'd be so difficult to not tell them it's all a made up pile of BS.
Imo , it's all some sort of virtual reality game.. Emphasis on reality...idk if it's a game of solitare or if there are several players involved.. I know a guy that's waaaaay down the rabbit hole.. It's scary, I've talked to a few middle class white guys that are down there with him... Freaks me out how many otherwise reasonably intelligent people insert their heads in their butts to accommodate political / racist views....

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