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PreSonus impressed us in our review of their Eris E8 XT studio monitor a couple of years ago, and we have been looking forward to revisiting a design of theirs ever since. With the recent revision of their AMT-based R series, we thought now would be a good time to see what else they could do in the realm of studio monitors. The R series comes in two sizes: a 6” woofer version and an 8” woofer version. In for review today is their 8” woofer version, the R80 V2. As the larger of the two, the R80 V2 is for those looking for more punch from the low frequencies, of course. The question we will be asking in today’s review is how do the R80 V2s compare to the Eris E8 XTs? What benefits do AMT tweeters bring to the studio monitor segment? And how do they fare in general as a monitor for content creation and also as a speaker that could be used for a home audio system? Read our in-depth review to find out…

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I have the Presonus R80 and have made a direct comparison with the Adam T8V. The Adams could not keep up overall.
The midrange of the Adams was audibly off compared to the very concise treble.
The bass range was dominant but not very detailed. The Presonus reproduced clear lower mids, with the upper mids slightly recessed.
The treble is very pleasant and blends well with the midrange.
The bass is a little cleaner than the Adams and I like it better overall.
The Amt tweeter of the Presonus speakers is really excellent and doesn't fall off at all.

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