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Jeff Schmidt

Jeff Schmidt

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Well I tried the factory reset on the TV and it worked! Not sure what the issue was, but it fixed it.

The volume control through the TV doesn’t work like it did on the soundbar which isn’t ideal though. Hopefully a firmware update can fix that. It would also be nice to have an app to control the speakers. Guess that has been discussed to come out in the future sometime.

Ordered a SB-2000 Pro to go with it as well!


Nice, glad it worked out.

Inconsistent CEC between components has always been a huge pet peeve for me, it's amazing how poorly it works between some brands/equipment. I had an old Vizio soundbar that worked perfectly with my Sony TV remote, but changing the volume on my Marantz AVR with the same TV and remote is agonizing, I keep the Marantz remote on the side table just for volume control.

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