power info needed for ASGARD HEADPHONE AMP & PREAMP



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does anyone know what's the power output in low gain at 32ohms is on the

ASGARD HEADPHONE AMP & PREAMP an does the AK4490 DAC MODULE upgrade have dsd support an if so what kind

i know all the listed specs
but i also know that max power doesn't always refur to all gain modes

i was looking for a headphone amp that puts out at least a watt at low gain with zero db increase at 32ohms like the Asgard but thats if it does 1 watt at low gain

like most amps the low gain is sometimes drasticaly different in output so i was trying to find out what the power out is for this one in low gain

i dont need db increase just power delivery my max budget is 320$b for any amp

im in search for a good upgrade from my jds atom to really drive my m570 cans which i really love but since coming from my previous set of cans my 565 & ad-500x both sounded good an loud

at low gain an rarely did i need turn the dail past 9:00 im not a fan of the jsd atoms high gain but to get the same volume output with my m570 i have to

so i seek an alternative amp


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