Polk RTi A7 - for treble lovers only?

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Right. Because it's always the speaker that "breaks in" (with zero measurable soundwaves correlation), never the listener...and human perception..:rolleyes:

Paul Barton on "break in" (bottom pic)

uh, even if that was the case (and it ain't) net results are.......you suddenly like the speaker? gods....how can that be possible in spite of the almighty bumpy chart?

bumpy chart says this can't happen.

Human perception will NEVER make a bad speaker sound good......ever.

but sure, Polk sux, PSB rox......the charts don't lie. he he he


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Yup AJ, but Bose has excellent labs and audio engineers....they make crap intentionally to fit their HTIB niche....they have a mystique among the unwashed who know nothing about audio and it translates to very good pricing for them...It sounds like you dont have much faith in Stereophile....
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