pixelation on Sony KV 27FS100 ?

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    Sep 9, 2003
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    <font color='#000000'>Hello all,

    I recently got a Sony KV 27FS100 and I love it, however I have a question to anyone who knows a lot about TV's. I have satellite and plugged the receiver to the TV with S-video cable. I then noticed that when there was a lot of movement or darker background and or shadows, the picture had like small squares in it.
    A better explanation would be that it looks like watching an online video that has been compressed too much and get pixilation... So I went back to best buy and asked them about it, they told me to call satellite company and they said that it was a bad S-Video cable. So I went out and got a monster S-video cable, which is apparently the best. Now the picture is crisper, but I still get the same results. Then I figured it might be that satellite receiver, so I then plugged it coaxial to the TV, and the pixilation is gone, however there is a bit of graininess in the picture. Then I went out and got a DVD player along with the Monster component cables which apparently is also the best, the picture is amazing, however I still get some of those little squares on black backgrounds.
    Not as often as when watching the satellite mind you, but they are still there.
    So now I am confused, this is the first time that I have ever used anything else then a coaxial cable and don't know if this kinda of pixilation is normal with a higher grade cable, or if my receiver is not good (satellite company said that my signal is good), but then why do I still get it when watching DVD... So if anyone knows why this would happen, or what this pixilation please enlighten me.

    thank-you very much


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