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    Hi guys, my brother has decided to get into quality audio and has found a pair of SD7 from pioneer for $40 (NZ), I was wondering if anyone has any info such as year of release, power rating, freq response etc, i cant seem to find much at all. he will be matching it to a Marantz SR53 amp.
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    Pioneer SD7

    Here's some info on these speakers. They are a good quality bass-reflex floorstander made chiefly for the Japanese market. The Pioneer speaker division by the late 80s, early 90s, had retreated from selling widely on global markets but was still producing excellent stuff (made in Japan) for the home market. Some of these speakers turned up occasionally outside of Japan -- mainly as demonstration models mainly at Pioneer stockists -- and I've seen them sell for between US$250 -- $400 on auction sites.

    They can handle ALOT of power -- up to 160 watts RMS and your amp should be a minimum of 40 watts RMS.
    3-way, 3-speaker system with an 8" (20cm) woofer, a 3" (7.5cm) midrange, and a 2.5" (6.5 cm) cone tweeter.
    Good bottom end with a frequency response of 35hz -- 20khz.
    They are 6ohms with sensitivity of 88db/w.
    Dimensions are 800h x 270w x 320d and they weigh approx 12kg each.

    Sound: Excellent!

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