Philharmonic Audio Affordable Accuracy Monitors Speakers Two Pairs + Center Channel 5.1



For sale
a) Two pairs of Affordable Accuracy Monitor (based on BR1 kit). Price is $150 per each pair + actual shipping. If you buy both pairs 10% discount applies.
b) One Affordable Accuracy Center channel (based on Pioneer speaker). Price is $100 + actual shipping.
c) If you buy them all price is shipped $500 east of Chicago and for $550 West of Chicago.
I paid $690 for this kit and new 5 of these channels from Philharmonic today will cost you close $800. If you are reading this you probably know what they are - the great sounding speakers with flat response and measured bass down to 35hz. I had all kinds of speakers including Fritz's Carbon 7s but sold Carbons in favor of these AA monitors. I will ship all for $500 east of Chicago and for $560 for Wast of Chicago.

Philharmonic Audio is pleased to offer a new version of the highly popular Affordable Accuracy Monitor - BR1. The new monitor is also a modification of an existing product, in this case the Parts Express BR-1 kit.
They have replaced that circuitry with a highly precise 11-element crossover that achieves admirably flat response and excellent phase tracking. The robust silk dome tweeter is crossed at a very low 1700 Hz, which provides exceptionally broad dispersion and maximizes detail in the lower treble and upper midrange. The 6.5" long-throw woofer offers very tight and clean bass that extends much deeper than you would expect from a speaker of this size and cost. Although they have specified the bass response very conservatively at a -3 dB point of 48 Hz, the monitors will in fact produce very audible output at 34 Hz.

Cabinet Black Wood Grain Vinyl
Tweeter 1-1/8" Silk Dome
Woofer 6.5" treated paper cone with rubber surround
Crossover 11 element 4th Order Acoustic Linkwitz-Riley, 1700 Hz Crossover Frequency
Frequency Response 48 Hz - 20kHz (+/- 3db) Anechoic
Sensitivity 84.5 dB (dB/2.83v/1M)
Impedance 6 Ohms
Box Alignment Bass Reflex
Dimensions 14" H x 9" W x 11" D
Weight 16 lbs each


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