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First of all, Thank you to everybody that listened to [read] my humble ramblings.
After the other thread about the PGE shutdowns, I thought this perhaps an interesting share as it might play out. I had no idea at the time I started the first post how bad this situation would turn, here... much less how close it could have come to being a truly horrific event, not just for myself but many, MANY other people in Sonoma County!
The great news above and beyond all else is that the latest wind event petered out a bit early: CalFire and the Firefighters manning the blaze have been able to raise containment to 45% and hold the lines preventing the fire from spreading into any densely populated areas, or into the neighboring county of Lake which has burned a lot in the last few years.
Continued safety and protection to all in the thick of it now, tomorrow, and next week!, as well as all the people enduring the hardship created by this.

As I was packing up the other day... Saturday night i think? It's all been a blur... I practiced Intention and Will by envisioning setting my Speakers back up in my room, sitting down, and relaxing to some music. Tonight I fulfill that vision, that intention. It is always important to follow through, for the universe and yourself.

Again my thanks: to all those who've worked to keep us safe here, and to you Friends that have chimed in with support, kind words, or just chimes. :)

My playlist, a minor act of irreverence in the face of all of this!

And lastly to the rest of the state where the red glow and smoke continues to press us: Be safe; be strong.


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I think I would have saved the Phil 3s too. They are, for all intents and purposes, irreplaceable. It sounds like you had a little bit of time. Now if you were out running a firewall and barely got out alive I'd say maybe not so smart, but yeah. I don't blame you.
I + infinity this be safe Ryan keep us posted when you can on how you are


Audioholic Ninja
I + infinity this be safe Ryan keep us posted when you can on how you are
Thus far we are well and safe Danzilla. One report shows 60% containment, though that number is not reflected on the official CalFire report from this morning.
Regardless... considering the conditions and overall situation, we are as safe as can be right now. I’m very grateful to say the least.
Cheers, Buddy!


Audioholic General
coulda easily doubled that little playlist. ;) :p :cool:
At least. But that happens to be one of my all time Faves :)
BTW I have some close relatives in Cal. My nephew and family in Santa Monica and a cousin and her family in Sacramento so I am keeping a close eye on it. I was just visiting Sacramento this past summer. Stay safe my friend.

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