PC Dolby Atmos 7.1 Setup - Help please, beginner.




I am quite new to the audio community here. I think the most complicated audio setup I have ever used on PC was a subwoofer and 2 speakers. I am currently looking to design and setup a new audio system for my living room. I will be mainly using my PC connected by HDMI.

Do I need a reciever? Sound Card? What setup would you guys recommend as the most ideal way to accomplish Dolby Atmos quality sound. I am open to getting a sound card, amp, reciever and speakers if necessary I am just unsure of how to put the right parts together and would appreciate any direction :).


Audioholic Jedi
1. PC, probably with a Graphics Card (like NVidia GeForce), with HDMI.
2. AVR with Atmos
3. Free software for media playback - Kodi and Plex (I use both). Set up media playback to PASSTHROUGH audio. On Kodi, set the system setting Audio to HDMI WASAPI (NOT Directsound), check Audio Pass-through (also HDMI WASAPI).


Audioholic Jedi
7.1 wouldn't be an Atmos speaker scheme, (5 bed layer, sub(s), 2 atmos would be 5.1.2; 7 bed layer, sub(s), 4 atmos would be 7.1.4, etc). You will be mounting speakers in the ceiling? I'd use an avr either way, tho.

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