PC bitstream audio to AVR, DisplayPort video to 144hz monitor?



Im trying to get uncompressed audio to a 7.1 receiver. to get this i have to use the HDMI port for bitstream audio. (sounds cards cannot accomodate)

However, i was wondering if its possible to use the displayport for my asus pg279q and keep the benefits of 144hz @ 1440p for video, while using the HDMI port for audio.

The issue maybe is that HDMI doesnt just send audio, it sends video too.. so would i be having a ghost monitor and will it affect the performance from the display port? AVR receivers are typically 1080p and do not support high refresh rates but have better DAC's. its to my understanding that if i had a ghost monitor set up then the graphics card will downscale the displayport performance to match the lowest in the chain... reducing my graphics to HDMI potential.

if this cannot be done, would it be possible to get a second graphics card to act as an audio passthrough via HDMI to get the desired results? if so, will i be able to use any card or will it have to be the same as the one im using in SLI? im not sure if you can SLI different cards.

All the above is an assumption that i cant verify, just bits of information gathered with some theory solutions thrown that i cant test myself.

Hopefully you can clear up these questions and provide me the best/nearest solution to getting uncompressed audio to my receiver.

monitor: Asus PG279Q - HDMI, DisplayPort, USB3.0 x 2
motherboard: Asus Maximus X code - 3.5mm, Optical, (HDMI)
GPU: EVGA 1080ti FTW3 - HDMI 2.0b, DisplayPort 1.4 and Dual-Link DVI

Denon AVR 1911 - HDMI, RCA, Optical.


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You can setup the HDMI output as a secondary monitor, not a mirrored monitor. This way you can send the audio to the HDMI connection while retaining full frame rate with your DP output to the monitor.

So, set it up like the output of your AV receiver is a second monitor that doesn't mirror your desktop, but extends the desktop. This way you should be good to go across the board for audio and video.

Windows hasn't figured out a way to do this yet to my knowledge. There really should be a program that allows this to work as this is NOT the first time that I've heard this request.


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I have two cards that are different in my PC right now. One drives the main g-sync display (GTX 2070) and the other is a physix (or whatever) card.

I can drive two displays with one card no problem, but audio switches automatically when the receiver is turned off. Main monitor is DP the other is HDMI. Passthrough works without issue. The only thing is you have to choose the default sound device so that the switch is somewhat automatic.

What you want can be done, it's just clunky.

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