Panasonic Thrusters!

Discussion in 'Loudspeakers' started by RCA Dimensia, May 15, 2010.

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    I live in the Finger Lakes Region of New York
    What do you guys think of these classics? lol I have two Model SB-1800 with the passive radiator and they claim high efficiency. Well, it's true. I put them in my pickup and powered them with just a regualr sony xplod 52x4 head unit (around 15 watts a channel) and had them hooked as the rears and I could get chest feelable bass out of them; with a head unit! Now I'm gonna get a 60 rms (true rms I'm talkin a vintage amp now) and try em out. Treble not bad either for a single little cone tweeter.

    They are beat up. I was at the dump and could tell from a distance they weren't just any speaker some how so i went over and asked for them before they were thrown out. Every dust cap is dented in like a kid played with them but it seems to have very little effect. The surround is folded and ripply and VERY weak but not broken anywhere amazingly, especially with the dust caps being pushed in and stuff.

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