Painful decisions about new equipment



We have older Mac equipment MC 205 and MX 134. Unfortunately a lightning strike hit the MX134 can not be repaired. MC 206 amp is ok and is in perfect condition. The question is whether or not we should sell the MC 206 and buy separates( Anthem Rotel etc) or a new pre processor or give up and buy a new receiver such as the Anthem or same. Would really appreciate comments


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Sell the Mac IMO and get the 2018 upgrades. I'd go with an AVR but if you gotta the cash separates could be fun. I'm very happy with my Anthem MRX. (But I think the Rotel looks prettier) The ARC room correction is awesome! :):):)


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If you prefer to match the brands of Pre-pro and Amp, and you don't want to buy another McIntosh Pre-pro, then sell the Mac Amp.

If you don't care to match brands (which is unnecessary),then you can just buy another pre-pro.

It also depends on how much you can get for the Mac Amp.

As far as which pre-pro, AVR, or room EQ is better, that all depends on whom you ask because everyone feels differently.

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