Outlaw Audio Ultra-X13 Ported Subwoofer Review



Audioholic Overlord
I now have two of these. Bought one last year and another this year. Took advantage of their Christmas specials at $999 free shipping. All I can say is wow! One was really good but two is simply outstanding. I have both situated behind the sectional. Deep deep bass and can shake the entire room - not just the sitting area! I had one set at eq2 but found with two set at eq1 to be sonically superior. Have the pre/pro set to large fronts and to mirror low bass below 40 Hz to the subs. It’s amazing how seamless it sounds. Right now I’m in OMG mode but like many of you am in endless pursuit of nirvana.
Yeah, once you get to a pair of these (in any normal room) it becomes a real question if more would really add anything (that you want added). It is like riding a 1100cc motorcycle - there are bigger bikes, but how much more acceleration do you need when you can twist the grip and flip the bike on top of you!


Audioholic Ninja
;) Id put a third in my room if I could... but something would have to give.

Might be the relationship. :oops:

But in a 8000'3 room, I think a third would be ideal, along with two full range towers tickling 20Hz. Alas, I digress.

Still happy with my Outlaw gear after 1 year!

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