<font color='#000000'>I am looking for a pair of quality outdoor speakers. I have a basic understanding of what to look for concerning the usual specs (frequency response, build quality, etc). However, with outdoor speakers there are other considerations to make such as: durability, ease of installation, nooks and crannies for flying pests and proper placement.

I read some reviews and I am considering the OS25's by Niles Audio. I've checked a couple of review sites and these did well but they are a tad expensive. Does anyone have some experience with Niles or other quality outdoor speakers?

Also, I am trying to decide on a two channel amp to push them. I would appreciate any input you have.



<font color='#000000'>I just installed a Russound OB-Solo for a customer that is run off of the &quot;b&quot; speaker output of a Sony Reciever. It sounds Great!

It is a Stereo Speaker (1 enclosure, 2 tweeters and Single DVC woofer). good output and well built. They have a OB-6.1 if you need 2 speakers.

Try the Audiosource AMP-100 for an inexpensive Amp.



<font color='#000000'>you didn't say just how inexpensive you are looking at... but i'll offer this. &nbsp;i have cambridge soundworks outdoor speakers from a couple years ago that are pretty decent. &nbsp;i think they went for about $200-250 back then. &nbsp;the company now has several models/prices. &nbsp;depending on where you live, you might be able to hear them first, or order and try them at home. &nbsp;they often go on sale and have a good warranty policy.</font>

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<font color='#000000'>You need to determine if these outdoor speakers are going into a &quot;hostile&quot; environment, such as near the ocean / bay / river (i.e., salt water corrosion, etc...). &nbsp;That is a huge consideration in Florida. &nbsp;Because I live very close to the salt water, I have just discovered an outdoor speaker that sounds great, the n.e.a.r. line produced by Bogen. &nbsp;Seems to be a pretty marvelous sound and product for the money. &nbsp;They make a line with 6&quot; woofers or 8&quot; woofers.



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If you are going to be using these for more than just background music   May I suggest a horn loaded speaker for outdoor use  There sensitivity, dynamic capability and dispersion characteristics make them perfect for this application  (If you want to party outside and cover a large area with two speakers this is the only way to go) Klipsch makes 2 models of out door weather resistant speakers  Also keep in mind that a V/C if used should be weather proof  and the wire should be non corrosive   12 or 14 Gauge 2 conductor Low voltage lighting/landscaping wire works very well  Its sunlight resistant  and can be buried  and it costs $20 for 100 feet at Home Depot  
Hope this helps

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