OPPO HA-1, vs The Lake People reference stack, vs Schiit stack.

Which one?

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  • OPPO HA-1

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  • Schiit stack

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  • Other

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Audioholic Intern
Help me choose electronics to drive my headphones, I currently have Denon DA300, Focal Elear, Audeze LCD-X, and Sennheiser HD800 connetced to home made amp (because Denon can't drive them).
I do a bit of mastering so system needs to be dead on balls accurate, without any coloration and crap like that.
My choices are:
Used OPPO HA-1 for 1100 USD (1400 EUR with import tax)
The Lake People HPA RS 08 and DAC RS 06 for 1500 EUR
Schiit Mjolnir 2 and Gungnir (Delta-Sigma) for 1600 EUR


Audioholic Intern
Thank you for your suggestions, but none of them are balanced, unfortunately.


Audioholic Intern
Unless you have an extremely long cable run, balanced wont make a sonic difference
I agree that balanced interconnects don't make a difference, but I'm referring to balanced headphone amp, not the interconnects. And Balanced amp does make a difference.
USB input doesn't work for me, I use coax input, also optical would be nice bonus, so that i could connect my game consoles without optical to coax converter.

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