OPPO BDP-103 laser pickup replace steps



Hi all, I was wondering if someone had replaced the OPPO BDP-103 laser pickup so I could follow these steps. Much appreciated.


Have you talked with Oppo about this?
good question . I did ask about the error and they advised to check and clean the reader. Are you suggesting to ask them about the replace procedure? That won’t be a problem, I hope they can help and share the details.


Seriously, I have no life.
So did you determine your laser pickup was defective? Where did you get another? I'd lean on Oppo for help in any case....
Joe B

Joe B

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I've got a BDP 103D that had a problem a few years ago. Cleaning the pickup solved the problem. Here is what Oppo sent back to me upon my inquiry:


Your laser head could just be dirty or otherwise obstructed.

You will remove the screws on the side (two on each side) and back of the player (5 screws). Remove the top cover of the player by lifting up and pulling the cover away from the player.

When you remove the top cover you will see the loader. The loader has four to six small screws (2 or 3 on each side) which need to be removed. Once removed you can now safely remove the top of the loader and gain access to the servo.

Now clean the laser head surface with a cotton swab and alcohol. Also clean the rubber spindle on the servo to make sure there is no hair or lint which can make the discs load off center.

Reverse the steps to put the player back together.

Now play a disc and see if the same errors persist.

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OP, have you had a chance to follow those posted instructions?

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