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William Lemmerhirt

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I have experience with Onkyo, but not that one. I have an 808 that is awesome, but I’m trying to sell. I also have a txsr500 from about 2000ish. They’ve been great for me except I did have the hdmi board replaced in the 808. Hasn’t flinched since and I use it every single day.
That’s all’s I got.

I have a pioneer and Yamaha in other rooms of my house too...


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Well I have an Onkyo RC370 I got seven years ago. Last year it also needed the hdmi/network board replacement issue many have had; if anything it runs cooler now and is also used every day. Its gui menus could be better designed but it's pretty feature packed. From what I've read, the newer models with the MCACC-influenced AccuEQ seems to be a better version than the plain old AccuEQ Onkyo put in after dropping Audyssey, if the REQ is important to you. This one is in my bedroom setup.


Anyone have this now or in the recent past? Any experience with Onkyo?
I've had a RZ820 since early summer. It's been great. Made my setup sound like I upgraded all my speakers. And it was also a big improvement in bass. I was coming from a 2009 HK AVR 1600 for what it's worth.


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I'd avoid Onkyo. It was mentioned they had fixed some of their PCB issues recently, but I still see reports of failures on recent models. Everyone I know who has bought one in the last 3-4 years has had some kind of PCB related failure and that indicates that Onkyo has a supplier issue, not necessarily a design issue. I like their stuff, but wouldn't buy from them right now.

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