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<font color='#000000'>I'd like to warn everyone about a glitch in the Onkyo DVD multi-disc players.  I've had my DV-C601 player for a little over two years now.  It has failed for the forth time for exactly the same reason:  NO DISC FOUND   The first two times it was repaired with no problems under warranty.  The third time was just after the warranty period expired.  But I contacted Onkyo customer service and they arranged for it to be repaired once again at no charge.  Well, 6 months later it once again is telling me NO DISC FOUND.  

Onkyo's offer?  Exchange my 6-disc unit for a reconditioned single disc unit, but I will have to pay the difference in the dealer price between my old unit and the 2004 unit.  I'm figuring, ok, how much can it be?  Especially since I'm going from a multi-disc unit to a single disc unit.

I was shocked and amazed to find out they want me to return my defective unit AND pay an additional $119 PLUS shipping both ways to get a &quot;reconditioned&quot; unit.  This single disc unit by the way sells for $149 NEW!  Shipping included.  (DV-SP301)

I think I'll go to Wallmart and pick up a disposable unit for about $100 and be happy if it lasts a day beyond its warranty period.</font>
<font color='#008080'>John,

Is this problem a permanent failure for all standard DVDs? In other words, can you get any DVDs (rentals, store-bought, etc...) to play at all in the unit?</font>

John R From Canada

<font color='#000000'>I haven't tried any rental DVDs lately, but I have tried a selection of various DVDs that I own, as well as CDs. &nbsp;A couple of DVDs will start and then fail after a few minutes. &nbsp;Most won't even load. &nbsp;The unit cycles through all 6 positions and then reports &quot;NO DISC&quot;.</font>

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