Once again: what are you listening to now? Part 2.


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Been busy since my last post in here.

I've just listened to these this past week....interesting my pics are all oriented normal in my computer but came over as such....oh well

getz gilberto.JPG

Getz - Giberto...SACD...a Latin jazz classic. Just a smooth recording, love Gilberto's wife's vocal. I don't have the redbook version but this hi res I'm giving it a 10/10 on fidelity.

kuroda zigzagger.JPG

Takuya Kuroda...CD...Zigzagger...this Japanese trumpeter has a jazzy/R&B rub to his work. Fidelity I'm giving it a 7/10...love the content, sounds somewhat boxed in. I have another CD of his and the fidelity it's the same SQ.

monk dream.JPG

Thelonious Monk...SACD...Monk's Dream...the legendary pianist puts on a great show with this offering. Fidelity...I had this on LP years ago and it was good then...this SACD is from the master tapes and is well done compared to the redbook CDs that I have of his. If you're a Monk fan, you should have this one.


paquito portraits of cuba.JPG

Paquito D'Rivera...mc SACD...Portraits of Cuba...this is a fantastic rendition of traditional Big Band and Afro Cuban merged. There's a lot going on with this 14 pc ensemble, but it's an extremely well done recording....Fidelity...10/10....as multi-channel sacds go...right now Dire Straits Brothers In Arms, Pink Floyd DSOTM and this one rank as the best multi-channel recordings in my library,

santana mclaughlin.JPG

Santana/McLaughlin...SACD...Love Devotion Surrender. I'm a huge fan of Santana, but his recordings have not all been up to par (such as Abraxas)...this one is. I got lost in a few of the tracks so this one doesn't rank any where near Abraxas for me for content, but I've played it 3 or 4 times already so I like it enough. Fidelity...8/10.

FYI...I got the SACD version of Abraxas about 2 weeks ago and it's leaps and bounds better than the redbook SQ.

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