Once again: what are you listening to now? Part 2.



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I will have to check this out after I upgrade my sub! Hopefully it will be able to reproduce those 16 foot pipes. :)

FYI, I was born there and have visited St Stephen's a few times. My grandfather and father were both master organ builders when my father decided to emigrate to Canada. If we had stayed in Austria I likely wood have followed their foot steps. I love music and working with my hands and organ building covers so many different abilities: design, wood working, metal work, electrical. My grandfather even worked on the pipe organ in Vienna's famed music hall (Musikverein) and built a small day use organ for the Votive Church because the original became too delicate for regular use.

My one regret visiting Passau, Germany, was missing a concert at the church. Passau has one of the largest pipe organs in Germany and we were there for only two days as part of a bicycle tour along the Danube that started in Passau. By pure coincidence they had an organ concert that night, but the tour guide was late and I could not make it in time. We got there late only to hear the beautiful tones from outside. Don't know if I will ever get that opportunity again. ;_;


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I didn’t have many cassettes in the early years that they were popular but I had the first few Digital Underground cassettes. And with cassettes you are pretty committed to listening to the whole album. I only recently in the past year discovered their later albums from the 2000s but I enjoy those too.

Underwater Rimes is still my all time favorite song from the first album. This group made their first LP their greatest one. :)
I had SO many cassettes and went through SO many cassette decks -- from Sony, Kenwood and others -- I can't even recall em all. I also had a massive collection of cassette singles -- remember those? -- and they got lost somewhere between moves.

Did you know they still sell music on tape, and some manufacturers like TASCAM/TEAC are still making decks/recorders?

New TEAC W-1200 cassette deck - Is it really THAT bad? - YouTube

tascam cassette at Crutchfield


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Ive been listening to Joe Hill Louis; in particular this collection of his works. I've not heard of him before so this is a real treat for me.



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Decided today to go to the well : the oldies well.
50 Year old Simon & Garfunkle on gold colored viny.
Sounds awesome. Sounds like it was recorded just last week

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