Once again: what are you listening to now? Part 2.



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I don't like everything this guy does, but they are always fun and every once in a while they're pretty good. And his mastering/recording quality is good. (He is pretty weird).

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Anna Von Hausswolf - 'The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra'


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I agree! My favorite stations are SOMA FM and FIP (https://www.fip.fr/ )
Hey John, your absolutely right!. My Son has been telling me for years about how the media in United States controls what is played and with all the censorship we have finding a way around all the BS music on the radio is awesome. I have a very extensive CD collection and Vinyl, as for FM I don’t even use that media anymore not even in my car. Finding really great music from countries like Norway, Scandinavia and so on with no censorship is awesome. Nice to meet ya John Parks!! Thanks for posting that link!!;)



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Insect Man "Still In Love with Everything" on CD Release earlier this year.. to quote from their web site which by the way lets you play all their songs on the album.

"Insect Man Lean, clean and bluesy; barbed-wire guitar wound about bittersweet melodies while a ghost of psychedelia stands by. "


Listen to them all ..every song is wicked but Sunshine Down really stands out for me.

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